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Earn up to $27 an hour as a Social Media Manager


Earn up to $27 an hour as social media manager which you can help companies and clients to manage their social media accounts. It’s a varied role that can include tasks such as responding to comments on social media and uploading posts to sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Here’s where you can find work:

1.The Social Element

A certified, woman-owned business, The Social Element is a privately held, fast-growing global social media agency that provides social media solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world. Founded as Emoderation in 2002, the company rebranded to reflect its expanded range of client services. Headquartered in London, England, United Kingdom, with U.S. offices in New York, New York, and Los Angeles, California, The Social Element has served many esteemed brands in the past, such as Oreo, T-Mobile, HBO, Toyota, LEGO, Jack Daniel’s, and MTV.

Specializing in social media content, engagement, insight, and strategy, The Social Element is passionate about helping clients from various industries effectively amplify their brands through social platforms. Furthermore, its sister company, Popeo, offers a crisis-management platform that prepares brands for worst-case scenarios using real-time simulations. In 2017, The Social Element won the Social Agency of the Year Award at the Incite Group’s Corporate Social Media Awards, supplementing prior recognition for excellence and international growth.

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The importance of responding to reviews in a timely manner cannot be understated. In 2019, the words your company uses when handling a negative review have incredible power. Your response can either bring in more sales or turn away potential customers. Simply put, online review management is critical to the success of your business.

With ICUC review management services, our global agency of digital communication experts monitor all your product and business listing reviews. Our team will manage and respond to all your online feedback, with the goal of improving reputation and increasing sales. As an extension of your team, we stay on top of reviews so that you can focus your time back on your business.

App review management is a key component of review services offered by our agency. Apps provided to employees or customers of your business are an essential aspect of growth. In order to encourage adoption of this technology, apps must be actively managed. This is a time-intensive task, so let ICUC handle the work with our global scale and 24/7 coverage.

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3. ModSquad

Modsquad Logo

ModSquad’s ModSourcing is outsourcing MODernized. Our movement is to lighten the load of digital engagement for global brands with smart processes, innovative tools and a customized, fun and flexible workforce.

With operation centers in Northern California, Austin and Northern Ireland and offices in San Francisco, London and New York, our 10,000+ Mods around the world moderate content, chat with customers, manage communities and buzz in social media for the world’s coolest brands, 24/7/365, in 50+ languages and dialects. We are the Mods!

ModSquad provides digital services to top brands in media, technology, and organizations of every type, from agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Our network of Mods include specialists in nearly all industries. We’re the digital world’s most trusted brand representative.

Customers are interacting with your brand 24/7, sharing experiences on social networks, blogs, and community pages. Are they singing your praises or inciting a virtual mob? ModSquad ensures the success and well-being of your brand in the digital world. Our Mods support online customers through these digital engagement services.

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